8 Outdoor Fitness Activities for Seniors in Los Angeles County, CA

Los Angeles County is a great place for seniors to stay active and explore creative ways to get an adequate amount of physical activity. With sixty parks designed for all types of fitness needs, there's something for everyone. From fitness zones to yoga classes and hiking clubs, seniors can find the perfect outdoor activity to stay fit and healthy. The Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging offers hot, nutritious meals at various locations.

The Department also manages the largest municipal golf system, with 20 courses in 18 locations, and owns excellent cultural venues, such as the John Anson Ford amphitheater and the world-famous Hollywood Bowl. Nearly every community space and family venue in Los Angeles County is free for everyone to enjoy this summer. Pete McCall, MS, CSCS, an ACE certified personal trainer, suggests eight outdoor fitness activities for seniors in Los Angeles County: 1.Exercise: 26% Fitness · Jogging Tracks · Hiking Clubs 2.Adequate Nutrition: Adequate and adequate nutrition is of the utmost importance for healthy older people.


Gardeners in the Los Angeles area can volunteer, help with garden maintenance, or plant new seeds.

4.Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP): The balance needed to stand on an unstable surface, combined with the strength needed to paddle, make SUP an excellent outdoor physical activity.

5.Fitness Zones:

Across the Parks and Recreation Department, at least 31 fitness zones provide a place where you can perform moderate to high impact resistance exercises, alone or in a group.

6.Libraries, Museums & Community Centers:

Los Angeles is full of spaces for learning: libraries, museums and community centers.

7.Nature Areas:

Places to enjoy nature such as hiking areas, beaches and recreation centers are great places to stay active.

8.Senior Centers: Los Angeles County senior centers, programs, and activities are a great place for adults over 60 to stay fit, active, and meet new people. Los Angeles County has plenty of outdoor activities for seniors to stay fit and healthy. With sixty parks designed for all types of fitness needs and free community spaces available this summer, seniors can find the perfect outdoor activity to stay active and meet new people.

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