What are the best places to go for a hike with kids in los angeles county, ca?

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, Culver City. The Dearing Trail, Fryman Canyon, begins at Wilacre Park. This is a simple and very popular 3-mile circuit, suitable for strollers, on a fire road. If you're looking for easy hiking trails in Los Angeles, the panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley are well worth it.

There is free parking, which fills up quickly, and ample street parking. Griffith Park is a treasure to behold. If you're looking for hiking trails in Los Angeles, you've come to the right place. Located right in the center of Los Angeles and covering more than 4000 acres, it is one of the largest urban parks in North America.

Getting to the Charlie Turner Trail is very easy. Drive to the Griffith Park Observatory and as soon as you enter your parking lot, turn left and park. The start of the trail starts at the north end of the lot. This walk is 100% walker-friendly, well-maintained, and if you walk it to the end, you'll be rewarded with the most spectacular 360-degree views of Los Angeles.

The Silver Lake Reservoir Trail is an easily accessible hike right in the center of Los Angeles's urban sprawl. This 2.2-mile circuit offers great views of lakes, a grassy hill, and is accessible year-round. Have you ever dreamed of hiking to the Hollywood sign? This 6.4-mile, kid-friendly walk through Griffith Park offers a perspective that most Angelenos have never seen, an opportunity to see the iconic sign and the city below. First of all, you could put pretty much all of Griffith Park on this list.

It's an incredible park that's filled with hundreds of miles of trails. The first trail in the Griffith Park area that I wanted to recommend is the Old La Zoo. The Old La Zoo is a short walk, less than a mile round trip, but it has great picnic opportunities and lots of things for families with children to explore. The park has the remains of the original Los Angeles Zoo, and instead of getting rid of the animal exhibits, they simply left them there for you to see.

You can enter many of the cages and stroll through the large animal exhibits while you explore. Keep in mind that sometimes the exhibits have a lot of garbage, so you'll want to watch young children closely. It's a unique place to visit in Los Angeles. Next, people love to hate Runyon Canyon, but it's actually a pretty good hiking area in Los Angeles.

The walk basically starts in downtown Hollywood and climbs around and through the hills. The trails here can be as difficult or as easy as you want, but you'll be rewarded with great views if you opt for some of the more difficult ones. In addition, you might even meet a celebrity here while hiking; I have done this on a few occasions. The Lake Hollywood Trail is next on this list, and is ideal for hiking and biking.

The trail is concrete all the way and is basically flat, but there are still 3 miles left to walk around the entire lake. The views here are the reason you go, as you can see the Hollywood sign sitting behind a lake, which isn't a sight that many people see in Los Angeles. These last few hikes move out of the downtown Los Angeles area, and the first is Eaton Canyon. I'll say right from the start that Eaton Canyon is usually too busy for me.

This trail in spring often has hundreds of people. That said, it's a nice hike with a stream you follow most of the way and a beautiful waterfall at the end. I recommend going Monday through Friday if you can, to avoid the crowds as much as possible. Basically, on the other side of Los Angeles is this hike to St.

Vincent's Mountain Park. This two-mile hike goes relatively uneventfully on the way up, but when you arrive at the park, you'll be standing next to the remains of a Nike Missle radar tower. Which was used to detect Soviet missiles during the Cold War. The city has done a great job keeping it that way, and it's great to be able to see military history this way while hiking, as it gives kids a lot to explore.

This, one of the best hikes in Los Angeles, is a short walk of a quarter of a mile, suitable for walkers, offering a stream, a waterfall and a small cave to stimulate the minds of young people and the little hands of explorers. A quick 30-minute drive north of Los Angeles, when it comes to hiking in Los Angeles, Malibu Creek State Park is considered the jewel in the crown of the Santa Monica Mountains and is packed with kid-friendly excursions. What makes this one of the best hikes in Los Angeles is that the Bronson Caves are a very fast, walker-friendly half-mile hike along an easy trail. This green strip encompasses 11,000 acres with 36 miles of trails that wind through a wide variety of terrain, from canyons and cliffs to hills and meadows, and some of the most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean offered by hiking in Los Angeles.

The viewpoint is an impressive view from which you can see the ocean, Santa Monica and even Los Angeles if it's clear. I've posted hikes on this blog many times, but I wanted to make a list of easier hikes with great benefits that could be good for the whole family during a trip to Los Angeles. While many people don't realize it, there are actually dozens of waterfalls in the Los Angeles area. Many of Los Angeles' well-maintained trails offer young children an easy way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Mother Nature from the comfortable seat of their stroller, with a delicious snack in hand.

With the vast swaths of green space across LA, from the Pacific to the valleys, there's fresh air and vitamin D on tap, and tons of kid-friendly walks in Los Angeles. .

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