8 Best Workout Spots with a View in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles is a fitness hub, and it's no wonder that it also boasts some of the most breathtaking views. From the coastal beauty of Torrey Pines State Reserve to the awe-inspiring Runyon Canyon skyline, there are plenty of places to get a workout with a view. Here are 8 of the best spots to go for a workout with a view in Los Angeles County, CA.

Runyon Canyon

- This popular spot offers an incredible view of the sprawling Los Angeles skyline.

It's an experience you won't want to miss!Torrey Pines State Reserve - This coastal reserve is ideal for day trips to Los Angeles. You can take in the sights of Palos Verdes, LAX, and the chimneys of Manhattan Beach.

Palos Verdes

- More secluded and tranquil than the rest of Los Angeles, Palos Verdes is home to some of the most stunning and lesser-known viewpoints and beaches. Enjoy a magnificent view of the Hollywood Hills, downtown, and all the mountains until you reach a distant and hazy coast.

Culver City Hill

- Look for this large hill in the center of Culver City. It's worth taking walks or stopping for some stunning views of Los Angeles.


- This spot will make you feel like you're soaring between the city's skyscrapers.

Take a panoramic stroll and appreciate the incredible views of Los Angeles.

Griffith Observatory

- The walls and deep bronze domes of the telescopes and planetarium look amazing against the backdrop of the Los Angeles skyline. Explore the exhibits inside for even more stunning views.

The Rooftop Bar at The Standard Hotel

- Enjoy a cocktail with breathtaking views of Los Angeles from this bar located on the highest rooftop in the Western Hemisphere.

The Pagoda at The Huntington Library

- Don't miss this 600-year-old pagoda with a giant ancient Buddha and stunning views of Los Angeles from its feet.

Honorable Mentions

These spots didn't make it into our top 8 list, but they're still worth checking out: Ocean Park and Venice, Santa Monica Coast, Marina Del Rey, and Ocean Park.

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